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Tuesday August 09, 2022 Salt Lake City, UT


National Home Fire Sprinkler Day

Friday May 18, 2018

“Every year, the majority of fire deaths in North America happen at home,” says Utah
Home fire Sprinkler Coalition Chair Don Buckley. “Simply put, that’s unacceptable. There is a solution and it starts with education.”

The Utah Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is taking part in a North America-wide
campaign May 19th initiated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Home
Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) to raise awareness of the growing dangers of home fires and the
life-saving benefits of installing fire sprinklers in new homes. Many communities have
committed to hosting events on the same day.

“The purpose is to organize a unified day of action on May 19 with a focus on the tough
problem of home fires and the equally tough protection of home fire sprinkler technology,” says
Lorraine Carli, Vice President at NFPA and President of HFSC. “By joining forces coast to
coast, communities are debunking persistent myths, helping consumers learn the facts before
they build or buy a new home, and home owners to become educated on the benefits of a home
fire sprinkler system.”

The Utah Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition event will be held at the Unified Fire Authority
Training Facility at 11am. The training facility is located at 3950 South 8000 West in Magna.
Don Buckley and the Utah Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition will talk about Residential Home Fire
Sprinklers. He will also educate home owners as to the myths of fire sprinklers, touch on the cost
as well as the benefits of them as well. We are also going to provide a live burn with our side by
side burn trailer showing how fire sprinklers work. This is a two room trailer that is set up
identical one with fire sprinklers and one without.

“Many people lose sight of the fact that home fires are dangerous not just to residents but
also to firefighters,” says Don Buckley. “Today’s new houses are built with lightweight
construction and big open designs and they’re filled with synthetic furnishings. When they burn,
they fail fast, and that environment places firefighters at risk from fire as well as toxins that lead
to disease.”

Home Fire Sprinkler Day is an opportunity for everyone in the media and fire service as
well as the public to learn about new-home dangers, get the facts about lifesaving sprinkler
technology and make progress against the home fire problem.

Click here for fact sheet on Home Fire Sprinklers


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