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Thursday June 01, 2023 Salt Lake City, UT

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DPS College Degree Recognition

Monday January 28, 2019
Commissioner Anderson addressed the DPS employees who received bachelor's and master's degrees over the last 2 years.

Over the last two years, 29 DPS employees received their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. They hailed from six different divisions – Driver License, the Fire Marshal’s Office, Highway Patrol, the Highway Safety Office and POST. To recognize these individuals, DPS administration held a luncheon and ceremony at which Commissioner Anderson said, “Thank you for making our Department shine.”

Earning a college or advanced degree accomplishment for anyone. But earning a degree while also working for DPS full time and balancing the demands of work, home and family requires a special level of dedication.

Colonel Rapich acknowledged that committing the time and effort to earning a degree is a sacrifice, and thanked those in attendance for “preparing yourself and preparing our organization to take on new challenges.”

Deputy Commissioner Higgs recognized that there are three aspects of development involved in getting a degree: personal, career and department. “You are now contributing more to our department because you wanted to do better and grow as people.”

Acknowledging that pursuing a degree isn’t just an individual effort, Deputy Commissioner Rigby said, “Kudos to your support network – your family, children and spouses. It’s a huge commitment for families.”

As Commissioner Anderson congratulated the group on their accomplishments, he left them with two assignments: “Force yourself to continue to stay engaged and continue to satisfy your need to learn. And, take a look around in your work environment and ask yourself who are you going to be a mentor to and help encourage to pursue their own degree.”

Colonel Rapich recognizes Trooper Hollingsworth for attaining his degree.


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