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Tuesday October 15, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT

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Press Release

UHP sergeant struck on I-15 near MM 398

Saturday September 28, 2019

DPS Incident Notification 7457 (Crash – DPS Involved / Initial Information / Sent: 09-28-2019 19:44)

Notification Made By: Lt. Lee Perry

Section: 1 // District: 0

Date: 09-28-2019

Time: 13:36

Location: I-15

Mile Post: 398

Travel Direction: North

Inv. Agency: Box Elder County Sheriff Office and UHP

Initial Description:

On Saturday, Sept 28th at approximately 13:20 hours, Sgt. Brian Nelson was called to his third crash of the day at I-15 NB 398 Portage exit area. This involved vehicles that were traveling too fast in the rain and crashed into the cable barrier in the median. Sgt. Nelson arrived on this crash and advised the driver to sit in his car in case anyone else lost control. Sgt. Nelson had Plymouth Fire set up behind him with their lights going to give an early warning until a second trooper could arrive. At approximately 13:36 and 22 seconds on his camera a white 2017 Dodge pickup truck lost control as it passed the firetruck northbound in the no. 2 outside lane and slid sideways across the no.1 inside lane and struck the passenger rear corner of Sgt. Nelson’s 2018 Dodge Charger patrol car, sideswiping his vehicle with the front of the truck. This pushed Sgt. Nelson’s car closer to the median area and forward. The Dodge truck continued to spin and struck the previously-crashed SUV in the driver side with its tail end and then continued to spin coming to a stop about 50 yards north of the original crash scene. Sgt. Nelson had serious neck pain and a medical helicopter was requested. Because of heavy rain he was taken to Bear River Valley Hospital and checked out and luckily he did not have any visible breaks and the helicopter was canceled. Nelson was treated and released but will have follow up with his own doctor next week after resting.



Marissa Cote
Public Relations Director
Department of Public Safety


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