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Operation Rio Grande

Press Release

North Temple DPS Statistics

Thursday July 26, 2018

We are two weeks into our coordinated enforcement surge on North Temple.  We have been working with Salt Lake City Police (SLCPD) in attempt to curtail the distribution of narcotics and other criminal activity in the area. State Bureau of Investigation agents and Utah Highway Patrol troopers from the Department of Public Safety and officers from Salt Lake City Police Department have worked strategically using a variety of law enforcement techniques.

Collectively we have initiated 123 narcotics arrests, served 76 warrants on individuals. arrested 12 AP&P fugitives, and 46 more individuals for drug distribution.

Listed below are Department of Public Safety officer statistics along with joint statistics from SLCPD:

                               DPS           Overall

Narcotics arrests:                 87                 123

Warrants Served:                  35                  76

Fugitives Apprehended:      7                   12

Drug Dealers arrested:        39                  46

Drug Distribution charges:  43                  47

Firearms Seized:                    0                    1



Nick Street
DPS Public Affairs Director
Department of Public Safety


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