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7 Things You May Not Know About Working for the Utah Highway Patrol

Monday September 18, 2017


  1. It’s one of the most important and visible jobs in Utah.

As an officer of the Utah Highway Patrol, your job is providing safety, service, and security to Utahns and visitors to our state. Officers do much more than write tickets.
UHP is a very diverse agency that performs many different duties ranging from patrolling the streets to protecting the Governor. Some special UHP assignments include, but are not limited to, drug interdiction, auto theft, accident investigation, DUI enforcement, K-9 units, Air Operations, and motorcycle patrol, to mention a few.

  1. UHP Officers come from all walks of life.

Former military personnel, delivery truck drivers, single moms, single dads, state workers, and photographers have all become UHP officers. High School graduates, College graduates from many different disciplines (not just Criminal Justice) and military personnel from every branch of the service have become UHP officers. These are ordinary people making an extraordinary choice to serve and protect.

  1. It can be both dangerous and rewarding.

Officers are well trained to be safe, aware and smart in all situations. However, with any other law enforcement career, being a UHP officer can be dangerous. As a first responder they provide public safety every day to those who are in need of our assistance whether in a hazardous or less dangerous situation. The rewards are immeasurable.

  1. Work-Family balance is important to the UHP.

It is possible to be an officer and still maintain a work-family balance even while sometimes working nights, weekends and holidays. Many officers, both male and female, have started families and have found that the Department is very supportive of this personal and very important decision. UHP also offers great insurance benefits that will assist with caring for a healthy family.

  1. There are 30 different offices across the state of Utah.

You are trained to work anywhere in the state. As personal or family needs change, officers can transfer to any of the 30 different offices statewide. In other words, you won’t have to spend your whole career working in the same location unless you want to.

  1. Officers build strong friendships.

There is a very strong sense of family at UHP. Both when going through training and in working with others in sometimes high stress, difficult situations, you develop a great sense of camaraderie with your fellow members of the Highway Patrol. The sense of family is strong at the UHP.

  1. It provides great long term security and benefits for you and your family.

Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage is provided for UHP Officers and their families, with an annual leave program that accumulates with years of service.

​​Pursue your future – and be one of Utah’s finest.


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