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Woman Thanks Trooper – Who Is a Family Friend – for DUI Arrest

Friday January 31, 2020

“My whole life changed from that night on.”

Hillary Staska

Hillary Staska’s life was forever changed when, just over four years ago, a family friend and Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) sergeant arrested her for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Since her arrest, Hillary has been sober and made positive changes in her life.

She is grateful to UHP Sgt. Nick Bricker for arresting her and thus helping set her life in motion toward a new and positive direction.

With the goal of helping others make the right choice to drive sober, Hillary shared her story and experience.

In these short video clips, Hillary and Sgt. Bricker share aspects of their story.

“I know that I’m alive because of [Sgt. Bricker] and that arrest. I know that other people are still alive because I wasn’t driving anymore.”

In this clip, Hillary recognizes the life-saving aspect of DUI enforcement and reflects on her choice to become sober following her arrest.

“I could have put that toward my son’s college account.”

Hillary reflects on the financial impact of getting a DUI.

“I am so eternally grateful for getting that DUI.”

Hillary shares how getting arrested for DUI altered the path of her life.

“As I looked at her driver’s license, I realized, ‘Dang, I know who this is.'”

Sgt. Bricker recalls the moment he recognized the person he was going to arrest for DUI was a family friend. He reflected on the many consequences Hillary would face following the arrest, but knew that he couldn’t shy away from his oath to protect the citizens of Utah.

“I want to give everyone on the road a fair shot to get home safely.”

Here, Sgt. Bricker discusses how the focus of DUI enforcement is to save lives.

In December, Hillary and Sgt. Bricker shared their story at a media event to kick off holiday DUI enforcement in Utah. Click on the links below to read and watch some of the stories from that event.

We are so grateful to Hillary for sharing her story and hope that it helps others make the safe and responsible choice to always drive sober.


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