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Tuesday October 19, 2021 Salt Lake City, UT


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POST Class 344 9/11 Healing Field PT Session

Wednesday September 18, 2019
Drone view of the healing field in front of Sandy City Hall - the field is filled with perfectly spaced American flags blowing in the wind with Sandy City Hall in the background.

Utah POST instructor Sgt. Lauritzen brought Class 344 to the 9/11 Healing Field in Sandy City for a PT session designed not just to challenge the cadets physically, but to also give them a greater and deeper understanding of what it means to be a first responder and to be the person that people are counting on in their time of need.

“When I heard that Sandy City does this, the first thing I did was ask for permission to come over here and run one of my workouts,” he said.

“I want them to experience what they’re getting into as far as this career, in being involved in America, involved in what the flag represents.”

Sgt. Lauritzen discusses the meaning of the Healing Field with the cadets. He is pictured with American flags in the background and cadets in a semi circle in the foreground.

“And what it represents during 9/11 is when the crisis occurred, and the citizens ran out and ran away, all of the officers, paramedics, firemen and military all ran in to help and save.”

Cadets listen as Sgt. Lauritzen gives them instructions for the next portion of the PT session. He is out of the frame and the photo is close in on the cadets' faces.

“So I wanted the cadets to feel that and be involved in what this represents.”

Watch the video below for the full interview with Sgt. Lauritzen and for additional scenes from the cadets’ 9/11 Healing Field workout.

Sgt. Lauritzen gives instructions for the PT session to the cadets. He and the back on one cadet are in focus while the background is filled with American flags.
The line of cadets participating in the PT session - one cadet has just passed the tire to another and the others are doing burpees.
Cadets participate in the PT session and two are passing a tire to each other while performing squats. In the background, other cadets crab walk to the end of the line and the background is American flags.
A female cadet prepares to put the tire on the ground and do a push up on it.
Sgt. Lauritzen passes the tire to a cadet with American flags in the background.
Two female cadets pass the tire to each other with American flags in the background.
Two cadets perform push ups on the tire at the north end of the healing field.
Aerial view of group of cadets gathering together to give their class cheer.


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