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Thursday August 05, 2021 Salt Lake City, UT

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Employee Feature: Facial Recognition Analyst

Tuesday June 12, 2018

The general public and even other employees may not realize that the Driver License Division uses the Facial Recognition program. They have one Criminal Information Specialist assigned to this program. 

Sasheen Chambers will use driver license applications, photos, and fingerprints from our Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) to determine fraud. Many people have the impression that facial recognition is just a computer that we plug a photo into and the computer determines if it’s a match/fraud. On the contrary, our computer is similar to a PDP hit, it takes similarities and gives back the information. It’s up to Sasheen to study the photos, writing, and driver history to determine if fraud has occured.  

Sasheen must keep very detailed records on what she has reviewed. Many fraud attempts are with people who have similar facial features or are siblings or family members that look alike, she has some special cases she tracks for twins. 

In cases of potential fraud, Sasheen will send a letter to the applicant notifying of their right to a hearing, she will also notify the investigating officer at the State Bureau of Investigation.  



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