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Thursday June 01, 2023 Salt Lake City, UT

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Driver License Division FAQ’S:

Tuesday July 17, 2018


What forms of ID do I need if I lost my Utah License?

To replace a lost Utah driver license you must appear at a driver license office and provide two proofs of documentation.  You can visit our required documentation page to see what works as proof.  This applies to duplicate, renewal, and lapsed Utah driver licenses.

What do I need for a first-time Utah driver license?

To apply for a first time Utah driver license you must be at least 16 years of age, have held a Utah learner permit for 6 months if under 18 years of age, furnish proof of a prior driver license or proof of driver education if under 19 years of age, provide two proofs of your Utah residence, proof of identity, full social security number and legal lawful presence.  Visit our required documentation to see what works as proof.

If the applicant has changed names, a certified marriage or court document is also required.

A U.S. military issued driver license is accepted with the same requirements as a license issued by a foreign country; in addition to all other licensing requirements, the applicant must pass eye, written knowledge, and driving skills test.

Do I have to have a Utah Identification card to obtain a Utah driver license?

No; effective July 1, 2012 it is against the law to possess both a Utah driver license and Utah identification card.

How early can I renew my Utah driver license?

You can renew your driver license up to 6 months prior to the expiration date.

Can I get an adult license prior to my 21st birthday?

No; our system will not allow us to issue an adult license until the individual has reached their 21st birthday, even if your 21st birthday falls on a weekend or holiday.

How long do I have to switch my license from another state?

Utah law does not have a grace period in which to change an out-of-state driver license to a Utah license.  It simply requires a resident to have a valid Utah driver license, when driving in Utah.  A person is considered a Utah resident if the person establishes a domicile here, remains here longer than six months, engages in other than seasonal employment; or obtains Utah privileges not ordinarily afforded nonresidents, such as obtaining a driver license, vehicle registration, or placing children in a Utah school etc.

Resident does not include temporary employment, military or religious assignments; or out-of-state students (paying out-of-state tuition.)

I’ve lost my out-of-state license, now what?

To apply in Utah for a license without your out-of-state license, you must present original or copies certified by the issuing agency showing identity, legal/lawful presence, full social security number or ITIN, two documents of your Utah residence and evidence of name change, if applicable.  Visit our required documentation page to see what works as proof.  The Utah Driver License Division must be able to verify your current driver license. We will contact your prior state electronically to verify a “valid” driving status.  This check takes a minimum of 24 hours.  You will then have to pass an eye test and written knowledge test that is 25-question open book.  If your out-of-state driver license has expired, you may also be required to pass the driving skills test.

Can I get a Utah license if my driving status in another state is “not valid?”

No; you must first clear the license action(s) with the other state(s) before you can complete the process for a driver license in Utah.

If I am under 18 and need a duplicate driver license, do I need my parent to sign again for me?

No; once your parent has signed for financial responsibility they are not required to sign again.

How long will it take to get my driver license in the mail, and what if I have not received it?

When you apply for your driver license at one of our driver license offices, or you renew your Utah driver license online it will take 6-8 weeks for processing.  After that time if you have not received your driver license, please contact our Customer Service Section at 801.965.4437 to find out if your driver license has been returned to our Central office, or if it is still processing.

What if I am going to be out of state when my Utah driver license expires, for example temporarily assigned to work out of state, attending school out-of-state or serving a church mission?

If your Utah driver license will expire while you are temporarily out of state, you can apply to renew your Utah driver license more than six months prior to the expiration date if you provide proof that you will be absent from the state during the six-month period prior to the expiration date of the license.  You will also need to provide documents required for the renewal process (refer to the required documentation page on these requirements.)

Is it true I don’t need to take a driver education course if I am over 19?

If you are the age of 19 and over, you do not need to take a driver education course to obtain your Utah driver license.  However, without proof of a previous license or driver education, you will be required to pass a written knowledge test, carry a Utah learner permit for 90 days, complete 40 hours of driving and pass a driving skills test.

What if I need to change my name?

If your name is different from the name on your driver license (any state or country) or identification card, you will need to provide legal proof of the name change with a certified state marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, citizenship papers, guardianship papers, or a court document indicating the name change.

How long do I have to change my address if I move?

Utah law states you must notify the Driver License Division with any change of address within 10 days so you will receive any notifications we may send you. (State mail is not forwarded by the post office.)  If we do not have a current address, you may have sanctions on your license that you are unaware of.  Address changes can be made online or at any of our driver license offices in the state.  If you do visit an office to change your address you will need to bring two proofs of residency with you.

Aren’t you the DMV?

No; you may call 801.297.7780, (800) DMV-Utah, click here, or contact your county assessor to register vehicles, determine vehicle taxes, or request forms for handicapped parking stickers. In Utah, unlike most other states, the DMV and Driver License are in two different departments.

Can I pay my traffic ticket at Driver License?

No; tickets must be paid at the court indicated on the ticket.

Why do I pay a reinstatement fee to Driver License if I already paid the court fines?

The court fines are separate from the reinstatement fee.  When the Driver License Division has withdrawn your driving privilege for any reason, a reinstatement fee may be needed in order to reinstate your driving privilege to “valid.”  The typical reinstatement fee is $40.00.  Alcohol or drug reinstatement is $85.00 plus $255.00 for the administrative fee.

How can I obtain a certified copy of a driving record?

A certified record is a driving record that has been certified to be a true, complete and correct copy of the record as contained within the files of the Department of Public Safety.  Certified records take 10 – 15 days to complete. Click here to see the forms needed for a certified record.

Is there a third party certification program?

Yes; if you are required to complete a driving skills test in order to obtain a driver license, you may make an appointment with one of the certified third party testers for your driving skills test.  Please visit our driver education page to see a list of the certified third party testers.

How do I request a report of an accident ?

You can fill out the DI-8 form and forward it on to the Driver License Division.  There is also a $5.00 charge for each copy of the accident report.


What information do I need for an ID Card?

Please refer to our required documentation page for documentation needed to obtain a Utah state identification card.  There is a $23.00 charge for an ID card.  (An out-of-state ID is not acceptable proof of identification.)

Do I have to have a social security card to apply for a first time Utah ID?


Does an identification card ever expire?

Yes; the ID Card expires five years following issuance of the card.

Can anyone get an ID?

Yes; however, If you are under the age of 16, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you to obtain an ID so they can sign the application, and a DPC applicant cannot obtain an ID card.

Do I have to take a test to obtain an ID?


What if I lost my Utah ID card?

For a duplicate ID, you must appear at a driver license office and present two proofs of documentation.  See our required documentation page to see what works as proof.  The fee is $23.00 and will be valid for 5 years.

Can I renew my ID card on the internet?

Yes; in order for the applicant to be eligible for an ID card renewal one time through the mail or internet, the original identification card must have been issued after January 1, 2010, and the individual may not also possess a valid driver license.  Eligible applicants will be sent a letter to notify them of their eligibility and the process to complete in order to renew their valid ID card.


What is an “Alcohol Restricted” driving privilege?

You must not drive with any alcohol in your system.

How long will I be alcohol restricted?

  • A driver under the age of 21 is an alcohol restricted driver.
  • Two (2) years for a first conviction for DUI, alcohol related reckless driving, or impaired driving (effective 7-1-08.)
  • Two (2) years for PerSe arrest
  • Three (3) years for a conviction for an alcohol restricted driver violation.
  • Three (3) years for a conviction for an ignition interlock violation.
  • Five (5) years for a first arrest for refusal to submit a chemical test.
  • Ten (10) years for a second conviction for DUI or alcohol related reckless driving or a second arrest for refusal to submit to a chemical test within ten years of a first offense.
  • Lifetime for a felony DUI or automobile homicide.

Will this constraint show on my driver license certificate?

No; this restriction will be indicated on your driving history only.  Law enforcement, courts and other legitimate requestors will have access to this information.

How will this affect my driving privilege?

You must not drive with any alcohol in your system.  The restriction begins on the conviction date for DUI, alcohol-related reckless driving or automobile homicide, or the effective date of a suspension or revocation for PerSe arrest or refusal to submit a chemical test.  Once you are eligible to reinstate your driving privilege, the alcohol restriction will remain in effect until the time period is expired.

What will happen if I violate the alcohol restricted license?

A conviction for a violation of the “Alcohol Restricted” license law will result in a one (1) year revocation of your driving privilege.

Since I’m licensed in another state, how will this affect me?

Although you are not currently licensed in the state of Utah, your privilege to drive in the state of Utah is affected by this law.  The alcohol restriction period will apply as listed above if you are driving in the state of Utah, regardless of the state in which you are licensed.  If convicted for a violation of UCA 41-6a-530, your Utah driving privilege will be revoked for a period of one (1) year.

Can I obtain a limited license?

You must be violation free for at least one year to be eligible for a limited license.


Do I need my DOT physical card before I take the CDL written knowledge tests?

Yes; to apply for a commercial driver license, you must be at least 18 years old, present your current driver license, a current DOT medical card or medical long form and present original or copies certified by the issuing agency showing proof of identity, full social security number and two documents of Utah residence, if it is different than the address on your current Utah record, and evidence of name change, if applicable.  You must have one (1) year of driving experience.  If you are under 21 years old, you will be restricted to intrastate operation and will not be able to apply for hazardous materials, passenger, or school bus endorsements.  Click here to see what documents work as proof.

I am a commercial (CDL) driver.  Can I renew by internet?

No; Federal guidelines require that a CDL driver complete an application with updated information and required certification for each renewal.  If a CDL driver moves or changes names at a time other than renewal, the driver is required to apply for a duplicate license within 30 days of the change.

How do I know if I need a CDL?

For more information, click here.

I have a school bus endorsement, do I have to take a test to renew it?

Yes; all applicants for a school bus endorsement are required to take the school bus written knowledge test.  View the current version of the Utah commercial driver handbook  for more information.

How do I drop my CDL for a regular Class D driver license?

You will need to appear at one of our field offices and complete a new driver license application, pay the appropriate fee, and sign a form stating that you are forgoing your CDL.


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