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Operation Rio Grande

Protecting Utah

DPS Week 11 Operation Rio Grande Report

Monday October 30, 2017

Significant Updates:

  • Latest statistics– During this past week, the numbers of jail booked arrests are decreasing as Operation Rio Grande continues.  The number of arrests with a use of force was zero during week 10. However, there were still 28 drug-related arrests. Since the Operation began on August 14, the grand total jail booked arrests is now 1,852.
  • 13 total felony arrests, 40 total misdemeanor arrest, 8 felony drug arrests, 25 misdemeanor drug arrests were reported.
  • Meetings with those who live in the area and receive the services continue.  Three meetings have been conducted to answer questions, discuss any concerns, and collect input. The overwhelming input we receive is that these people are thankful for the reduction of crime in the area, yet still request law enforcement efforts to continue. They tell us they still witness some drug activity and safety concerns in the area.
  • Reports of disbursement of persons from the Rio Grande area to other areas continue to decrease.

Ongoing Actions:

  • The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) served two search warrants in Salt Lake City, including one at the Gateway Inn. They resulted in the arrest of seven individuals, including four high-priority targets. Search warrants served by SBI are based on intelligence gathered through Operation Rio Grande.
  • SBI and the State Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) are coordinating with Salt Lake Valley Police agencies to address drug distribution in their respective areas that may be connected to Operation Rio Grande.
  • Incident Command and the Mobile Command Vehicle remain at Rio Grande with 40+ DPS troopers and agents who continue to police the area.
  • Major Jess Anderson attended a meeting with Salt Lake County residents at a Murray elementary school. Positive feedback was heard by all.




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